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6/2023 Dr. Wen is a very skilled and talented practitioner of acupuncture and herbs. After moving to Los Angeles, I started visiting the Acupuncture Center weekly for ulcerative colitis. Over the next few months, Dr. Wen was able to help me get my symptoms under control. Dr. Wen is one of the most kind and compassionate people you will ever meet. He truly cares about his patients, and that is not easy to find. Dr. Wen also has an extensive knowledge of western medicine. He has been extremely helpful in helping me understand various western medical tests, including blood tests, scans, and scopes. I truly cannot put into words how grateful I am to have someone like Dr. Wen in my corner. He has been available to me in some of the scariest moments of my life, and I will forever be thankful for that. V.N.

5/2023 Dr. Wen is a highly skilled and intuitive practitioner. For those who have conditions that are difficult to treat by Western medicine, Dr. Wen can help.  I had an ear injury resulting in tinnitus and other issues. I tried many things until I came to Dr. Wen. After every treatment, Dr. Wen would say, “It will get better”. He was right. Dr. Wen also helped me through ACL knee surgery. 

More recently, after many years of infertility and rounds of IVF, I asked Dr. Wen to help treat my endometriosis. He did, and I got pregnant naturally, just as Dr. Wen had reassured me I would. I now have my beautiful miracle baby girl. C.K.

I have confidence in Dr. Wen's ethics, diagnoses, and treatment methods. There are many practitioners in his field—I tried others before I met him—and he is the best. I only refer people to Dr. Wen.

8/2022 Dr. Wen is amazing. I had a very unusual fluctuating hearing loss problem. I went nearly deaf every other week for 3 months. Western doctors didn’t know why this happened so frequently and prescribed medicines that didn’t help. With Dr. Wen’s acupuncture and herbs the fluctuations diminished significantly within the first month of seeing him. It has now become unnoticeable. He also has dramatically helped the vertigo that I have had for a couple of years. I highly recommend him. P.B

7/2022  I have been a patient of Dr. Wen’s for over two years.  I was referred to him by my gynecologist during the COVID shutdown.  I had several issues going on from interstitial cystitis to anxiety and vagus nerve complications. I honestly was in shock and not realizing that my body was in trauma and no longer able to handle the stress; I usually and for years was able to maintain a demanding professional job/workout and yoga 6/7 days a week on 4 or so hours of sleep.  However, that all changed and my body was screaming for immediate help.

Dr. Wen saved me on many levels….Mind/Body and Spirit!

Dr. Wen is warm/compassionate and a brilliant/intuitive who can discern within minutes exactly what one’s body is doing/saying and thus the healing begins in his hands!

Coming to Dr. Wen is like dealing with trusted Family. No matter what time of day, Dr. Wen makes himself available via phone/text for whatever problem and concern a patient maybe experiencing…that is simply unheard of in this age and time.

The patient experience is like nothing else!
I cannot say enough praise about Dr. Wen.  In addition, the office staff are amazing and their service never goes unnoticed!
Bottom line, from Dr. Wen’s wisdom and expertise to the one-on-one specialized care to determine the best treatment necessary this practice stands above the rest bar none! J.O.

6/2022 Dr.Wen is a true master of healing. I highly recommend him and my friends and family who have seen him also have had great experiences. I had already circulated through a good amount of  amazing western and alternative health practitioners for 5 years attempting to cure my multiple chemical sensitivities. I couldn't find an apartment to rent because the hairs on my body stood up and I got itchy every apartment I walked into. At age 46 additional health challenges struck my body seemingly out of nowhere. I suddenly had hypertension and weekly migraines with stroke like symptoms that landed me in the emergency room and urgent care. Thankfully a highly acclaimed and recommended acupuncturist who I planned to see when I described my symptoms admitted that he probably could not help me and said “for tough cases like yours I refer people to my mentor Dr.Wen.” I am so grateful that he did because life, which I felt was going in a downward spiral feels normal again. The stroke like migraines stopped after a couple of weeks of seeing Dr. Wen, my chemical sensitivities are drastically improved, and my western blood pressure medication is a fraction of what it was before. I am still on my path to full recovery but I am feeling great and things continuously seem to be improving. Thank you Dr. Wen!

Dr Wen is a doctor's doctor.  I am a internal medicine specialist and highly recommend Dr Wen who has an extensive understanding of both Western and Eastern Medicine.  He has the unique ability to combine these two making more accurate diagnoses and also prescribing the correct treatment.  His acupuncture is painless but very effective and he has a tremendous knowledge of classical formula's tested over thousands of years.  I have been to many Chinese doctors but Dr Wen is a rare diamond.  Can help cases that are considered hopeless.  Highly recommend Dr Wen. 


In December 2021, I was one of many who was affect by the Covid surge. Thankfully my symptoms were mild and short. However, my post Covid symptoms were not. Almost immediately (January 2022) after recovering from Covid I started to experience a rash on my face. I have multiple auto immune illnesses, and having Covid caused my body to flare. I was experiencing severe burning, stinging, itching, redness, and swelling all around my eyes. The best way I could describe the rash is like having a really bad sunburn that won't go away. This went on for about 3 months. It was non-stop. I was having to miss work. The rash was uncomfortable as well as painful. I tried MANY holistic remedies and nothing was really working. I was starting to feel helpless and I was losing all hope. That is until I reached out to someone who I know is in the similar profession as Dr. Wen. I reached out to Dr. Wen's office and I immediately made an appointment. On my first visit with Dr. Wen, he asked me many questions about what I've been experiencing. Since then, I have been doing what Dr. Wen has advised me to do. Not only that, I have also made more changes to my daily diet. Which leads me to believe both Dr. Wen's remedy and my changes in diet have led me to almost being in remission. When my flare was at its worst my numbers for my auto immune illnesses were very high. Now, my multiple auto immune illnesses are not positive or negative! I haven't been in the "gray area" in a very long time. Here I am in May 2022, and I have no rash. I am 99% back to my pre-Covid self. 

I'd like to end my testimonial by saying... If you are at all hesitant, don't be! I am not one to write testimonials, but my experience and my journey with Dr. Wen deserves to be shared. If sharing my experience can help at least one person, then I am happy to do so. With that being said, Dr. Wen is a miracle worker, a healer, and a lifesaver! In such a short amount of time, he has helped me heal my body from the inside out, and is continuing to do so with me. I will forever be a patient of his. I am forever grateful to Dr. Wen.




I have been a patient of Dr. Wen for going on two decades.  With his unprecedented training and experience, poise, expertise, confidence, calm and good listening skills he is bound to have treatment strategy no matter how complex.  For any ailment and/or illness he will have a natural non-drug approach, while working along-side Western medicine, if necessary.  It is all about The Ying and The Yang.  Even if you feel perfectly healthy going for periodic treatments can ensure you are completely balanced.  For me it is what keeps me sane. I come for relaxation and prevention.  Thank you Dr. Wen you are the bestest!




I started seeing Dr Wen in Jan of 2019 when I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I wanted an alternative therapy along with my traditional cancer treatment. It really helped me through a lot of the nasty side affects from the chemo. I am so grateful to Dr Wen for helping me through the most difficult parts of my treatment. His experience with Chinese medicine and knowledge of traditional cancer treatment made me feel confident with the melding of the two. I am still living with cancer but I am doing really well and feeling good physically and emotionally. I continue with my herbs and acupuncture to maintain my otherwise good health..Dr Wen is supportive and kind and really cares about his patients.

Carole S



5/2022 Dr. Wen is an excellent acupuncturist and human. I have been a patient of his for over 5 years and he has always listened and made me feel heard regarding my medical concerns. I highly recommend him for anyone looking for a proactive acupuncturist to improve their health. 



5/2022 Dr. Wen has been central to my health and well-being! I came to him after physical therapy for a problem in my shoulder which was not improving and with his careful care the problem completely disappeared in a few months.  He has been invaluable to me and my family. 













In October 2017, I was diagnosed with Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris, an extremely rare skin condition that is essentially every bad skin condition combined into one. I was absolutely incapacitated — I gained over 20 lbs of edema fluid throughout my body, could barely walk, and couldn’t go to work for two months. That is not including the painful itching, burning red skin, and intense dryness. A nightmare!

Feeling helpless, I initially went to see the dermatologist, who—without hesitation—put me on an immunosuppressant, claiming that I might “get a couple more colds a year, but no big deal.” The dermatologist eventually told me he couldn't help me and to seek whatever treatment I could find. Depressing.

Over the next six months, my condition worsened and plateaued, making me feel incredibly defeated and depressed.

I went to see my daughter’s former acupuncturist who referred me to Dr. Wen whom he described as “the only person who could possibly treat my unique and chronic condition with herbs and acupuncture.”

It took me a while to get to Dr. Wen, but once I did, it changed my life.

I’ve been working with Dr. Wen now since summer 2018 and the progress has been remarkable. While the skin condition is not totally behind me yet, I am 90% of the way there. I finally have my life back and have been able to start imagining a future again rather than just living in the hell of my day-to-day life.

Not only has Dr. Wen’s approach been the magic bullet for my healing, his professional demeanor and empathetic manner have been paramount throughout this experience. I literally trust him with my life and believe in his ability to break tackle a challenge from any and every angle. He is a brilliant man who is ever-evolving in his knowledge of functional health, making it impossible for him to ever be antiquated in his practice.

I will always be grateful to Dr.Wen and I owe him so much. I know that I have a quality of life to look forward to thanks to him.

~ P. G.



2/2020 - I was diagnosed with a very rare brain tumor that causes sudden death -- a colloidal cyst of the 3rd ventricle. Two of the best brain surgeons in the world said that if the cyst grew two millimeters more I would have to have major brain surgery. I decided not to do that because I didn’t want to be a vegetable, the cyst would grow back, and any brain surgery is brain injury.

I sought out Dr. Wen’s help 6 months ago. Using his original herbal formulas combined with Dr. Shaun Bornstein’s brilliant acupuncture treatments, my cyst has shrunk 20% which is unheard of in the medical community. I no longer suffer from drop vertigo, hearing loss, neuropathy, memory loss, Bell’s palsy, and migraines. I am no longer planning my funeral. Thank you Dr. Wen and his team for giving me my life back!




In 2004, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had initial full rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. In 2007, a malignant lump was discovered in my left breast. I had 6 lumpectomies, but never achieved clear margins. In 2008, I had left breast mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. In 2011, x-rays revealed cancer had metastasized to my left hip, after which I had left hip replacement and left hip radiation. PET-scans revealed further bone cancer metastasis to within T3 and T4 thoracic vertebrae. The 2 vertebrae were surgically removed and a framework support structure of titanium rods and pins was inserted. Subsequently, I had spine radiation and physical therapy for hip and vertebrae replacement. In 2013, I proactively had ovarian removal surgery to prevent cancer spreading to soft tissue. In 2015, bone cancer metastasis progressed to right hip and iliac crest area; destroying bone tissue at a rapid pace. 
Great depression and sadness set in after seeing, and being turned down by 5 orthopedic surgeons who had forsaken me as being too sick to be helped. In 2016, I luckily found a determined Orthopedic Surgeon in Indianapolis who performed surgery to replace my right hip and perform Harrington Rod Surgery to reconstruct my cancer ridden iliac crest bony structure rebuilding it with titanium pins, rods, and screws.  In 2016, I also had my cancer tissue genomically analyzed to more fully characterize my exact type of cancer, and to find any current therapies that would be effective to fight my cancer. Genomic results revealed that there were no current Western medicine therapies (including chemotherapy, immunotherapy or radiation) that would improve or stop my cancer from spreading. 
After this bad news of NO useful Western medicines or therapies, I sought out alternative medicines and doctors to help me. In 2017, Dr. Wen, a Professor of Eastern Medicine, was then highly referred to me by a friend, who was also one of his current patients. I arrived in LAX in a wheelchair and too weak and in such pain that I missed our first appointment. After meeting, consulting and evaluation, Dr. Wen developed a targeted and customized therapy regimen specifically designed to meet my needs, promote healing/reduce pain and to build up my strength again. This approach involved a protocol of daily evaluations, targeted herbs and teas and a schedule of Acupuncture to immediately reduce the inflammation and pain. Dietary considerations also played a critical role in Dr. Wen’s methods to promote healthfulness.
Within only a few days of treatment I was a bit surprised to begin noticing good results including renewed energy, strength and HOPE! Dr. Wen has a great positive attitude that lifted my spirits and gave me hope.  He planned a protocol for me that will build my depleted bone tissue, strengthen my overall immune system and manage my pain better with regular Acupuncture treatments. 3 months have passed since my first Dr. Wen assessment and first treatments, and I recently have had  X-Ray imaging to help get a baseline evaluation of my progress under Dr. Wen’s care. We were shocked and happy to so quickly see that the X-Ray showed that there was noticeable bone growth in the weakened right hip and pelvic girdle area. I still have retained my Indiana Oncologist for now, and she is excited and intrigued and certainly SURPRISED by how well I am doing within Dr. Wen’s Eastern Medicine Treatment Protocol. 
​I look forward each day to taking my herbal medicine capsules and following Dr. Wen’s instructions. I feel better and stronger now, and my general health has improved. Looking back with some sadness and regret that my first 13 years of drugs, chemotherapy and radiation only made me weaker and sicker---never stopping my cancer.  It is with joy and gratitude that I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Wen and his staff, and discovering the power, promise and potential that Eastern Medicine provides me.  Now I truly do have hope…..      


I have been coming to Dr. Wen for over 20 years. He is not only a wonderful Acupuncturist but one of the finest people I know, he is very honest and caring in all areas of his life. I came to him at one of the schools he teaches Acupuncture at. This was before he even had his own practice. I had suffered from Ulcerative Colitis throughout my mid teens without much relief from Western Medicine.. Hospital stays, frequent sick days and being unable to muster much energy when I wasn't sick per se.  I came to Dr. Wen on almost a dare. My best friend said "what have you got to lose". I thought about.. According to my Western Dr. My Colon!! Well I wasn't  happy with that prognosis at all. So I we to Dr. Wen.. I'm not even kidding within three weeks of his treatments I was feeling like I was almost well.. Within another few weeks I was. I had none of the symptoms that had plagued me for over 5yrs. It was truly a miracle to me! I felt better,could go places without wondering where a bathroom was. Sounds crazy right? That was my life wondering where my next bathroom stop would be.. Horrible!! Now I was free of that. I can't recommend him enough!! Go if you have any chronic disease that Western Medicine says you have to deal with. Trust me you don't !!
Thanks Dr.Wen!!



This letter reflects my 30 years plus years of treatment by Dr. Hua- Bing Wen, a wonderful acupuncturist. Over these years, he has been amazing in the treatment of my life and brain threatening conditions, including depression. His incredible knowledge, skill and manner has been a " Godsend". His treatment sessions have given me a new life and energy. His professional, optimistic, and caring demeanor has brought me tremendous growth, physically, and a new lasting mental acumen.
With a thankful regard and love,

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