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Dr. Wen's School of Integrative Medicine

Shang Han Lun- Shao Yang Series

Shao Yang Syndrome -- Modern Clinical Applications

Dr. Wen integrates modern medicine and classical Shang Han Lun theory to produce a clear approach for the application of ancient herbal formulas in your clinic. In this course Dr. Wen will present how SHL formulas influence the body and its healing mechanisms from the perspective of both western and Chinese medicine.


Integrative Medicine
You will learn to effectively use SHL formulas to treat a variety of conditions including metabolic, gynecological, pain, cold/flu, and shen disorders, as well as how to modify and customize treatments for each of your patients. 

Learn to use SHL formulas for treating:• Metabolic conditions & the gallbladder, pancreas and related • Gynecological conditions• Lymphatic, fascia and pain conditions• The common cold• Shen conditions (including an herbal zoloft formula)

About Dr. Huabing Wen
Dr. Wen has practiced Chinese Medicine for over 30-years. He graduated at the top of his class from the distinguished Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. He is beloved by patients, students and colleagues. He is master of Chinese Medicine and the integration of Classical and Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine. Dr. Wen has a very busy clinic and specializes in complex health conditions. He teaches at Master and Doctoral Chinese Medical schools. 

Course 1: Shao Yang Bing Part I
Course 2: Shao Yang Bing Part II
Course 3: Shao Yang Bing Part III

Entire Series: $180 (20% Discount)
Individual Courses: $75 per course

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3 Recorded Webinars
3 CEU's

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