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Dr. Wen's School of Integrative Medicine

TCM Oncology Series

Dr. Wen presents the etiology of Cancer. The series includes a comprehensive step-by-step understanding of the factors that cause cancer from a Chinese and Western Medical viewpoint. These pathogenic factors and bio-mechanisms are essential in learning how to work with cancer patients in the clinic.

Integrative Medicine
Dr. Wen presents a comprehensive understanding of the side-effects of western medications and treatment, and how to use herbal medicine to minimize them. He dissects Chinese herbal formulas to strengthen the immune system to provide the patient the best opportunity to engage the illness and restore their internal organs and vital substances for healing.

Dr. Wen teaches how to use Classical Shang Han Lun and Golden Cabinet herbal formulas for preventing, maintaining and supporting high risk people, and existing cancer patients. Dr. Wen is a leader in the field of Oncology. He maintains a very busy clinical practice treating patients from all walks of life and from all social and economic backgrounds.

About Dr. Huabing Wen
Dr. Wen has practiced Chinese Medicine for over 30-years. He graduated at the top of his class from the distinguished Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. He is beloved by patients, students and colleagues. He is master of Chinese Medicine and the integration of Classical and Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine. Dr. Wen has a very busy clinic and specializes in complex health conditions. He teache
s at Master and Doctoral Chinese Medical schools.


6 Recorded Webinars
3 CEU's each

After completing webinar series email to take certificate exam (include license number)

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Course 1:  Understanding Oncology
Course 2:  Genetics, Jing, and Predisposition
Course 3:  Pathogenic Factors
Course 4:  Life-Style Causative Factors
Course 5:  Side Effects of Radiation
Course 6:  Prevention Strategies & Treatment


Entire Series (6 Parts): $360 (20% discount)
Individual Courses: $75 per course

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