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Dr. Wen's School of Integrative Medicine

TCM Infertility Series


In this 6 part series, Dr. Wen presents a comprehensive, integrative and fresh look at infertility with a focus on creating personalized care & treatment plans for the uniquely individual patient. The course provides concrete tools & methods for combining western technology with the vast TCM knowledge of this subject in a modern and clinically relevant way. Practitioners will complete the course confident in their abilities to understand, diagnose and treat a wide variety of patients struggling with infertility. 

​Integrative Medicine
In this course, practitioners will learn how to read & understand lab data from both Western & TCM perspectives, interpret hormone imbalances through the lens of TCM patterns and combine Basal Body Temperature (BBT) charting with TCM principles. Dr. Wen will present detailed TCM explanations for PCOS, fibroids, premature ovary failure and endometriosis not commonly found in Master and Doctoral programs.

Dr. Wen will show how to use Classical Shang Han Lun and Golden Cabinet herbal formulas for the treatment of infertility. In this course, he will dissect case studies to illustrate various patterns & understand concrete treatment plans complete with point selection, formula selection, diet recommendations & supplement suggestions for each case.

About Dr. Hua-Bing Wen
Dr. Wen has practiced Chinese Medicine for over 30-years. He graduated at the top of his class from the distinguished Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. He is beloved by patients, students and colleagues. He is master of Chinese Medicine and the integration of Classical and Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine. Dr. Wen has a very busy clinic and specializes in complex health conditions. He teaches at Master and Doctoral Chinese Medical schools. 



Course 1:

​Intro to TCM Infertility: Jing, Dai, Tai, Chan & Shen

Course 2:

Blood Stagnation & Water Retention Patterns


Course 3:

How to Treat Common Kidney Patterns

Course 4:

Complex Patterns of Blood Stagnation, Cold Accumulation & Kidney Deficiency

Course 5 (Part 1 of 2):

Treating Unexplained Infertility by Restoring the Balance of the Shen and Male Fertility Workshop Begins​

Course 6 (Part 2):

Male infertility- Common Patterns of Kidney Yang & Qi Deficiency

Entire Series (6 Parts): $360 (20% discount)
Individual Courses: $75 per course

After completing webinar series email to take certificate exam (include license number)

You will receive an email with video links after purchase
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6 Recorded Webinars
3 CEU's per course

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